Liam Reddy
Liam Reddy
Liam Reddy

I have been asked “Why?  Why did you start your foundation?” Without hesitation, I reply with the two words that inspired me – “LIAM REDDY.”

In October 2013, I learned through a Facebook friend about Liam Reddy, a two year-old boy in Florida, who was fighting a rare form of cancer. Though I had never met Liam or his family, I felt inspired to join the fundraising efforts that the Reddy family’s friends were making to help them.  After the fundraising efforts for Liam had reached their goal, I found myself still thinking about him all the time.  There was something very special about this little boy. His innocent smile and his happy disposition warmed my heart.  I wanted to keep supporting and encouraging him through his treatment and recovery.

I decided that each month I would send Liam a care package filled with small toys, activities and, occasionally, sweets. I would send the package at the beginning of each month and then would spend the rest of the month thinking about what I could send him the following month.  As months passed, Liam’s mother and I became friends and stayed in contact.  I thought to myself that perhaps now was the time to start the foundation I had always wanted to start in order to help children, but about which I had always hesitated.

Then, one day, I received a note from Liam’s mom — a sweet, unexpected note that simply described how the care packages put a smile on her son’s face, and how he and his family could “feel the love” in those small packages.  I wondered how many other children out there were struggling with life-threatening illnesses but didn’t have this kind of support.  Liam’s mom made me realize how a simple gift could bring much-needed and meaningful happiness to a child.  It was then that I knew I needed to start the foundation in order to reach and help more children.   

Inspired to do what I could to give back to the community and pay it forward, I started this foundation to deliver care packages to these brave children.  So when asked what and who inspires me, I answer, “Liam Reddy.”  It is in honor of my little friend, who is now 7 years old, that I created the Reddy2Fight Foundation.


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Reddy2Fight Care Package
Reddy2Fight Care Package Contents
Reddy2Fight Care Package
Reddy2Fight Care Package Contents
Reddy2Fight Care Package
Reddy2Fight Care Package Contents

Our goal is to help these children forget, even if just for a few moments, what they are enduring, and to brings smiles to their faces. Most of these children spend hours, days, weeks, and even months in a hospital room, some in isolation, and many families are searching for ways to keep their children comfortable and entertained. Our care packages are filled with engaging, quality toys, ranging from arts & crafts, to games, to puzzles and more.


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